Children Ministry Weekly Activity

Sunday School

Helps children respect, appreciate and utilize the Bible.

Reverence for God’s written words doesn’t come naturally, sadly. A healthy Sunday classroom environment, centered around the Bible, will elevate its importance in a child’s life.

Sunday School teaches children how to navigate the Bible.

If a child joins the Scouts, the Scoutmaster doesn’t hand him a 400 page map and say, “Good luck!” Sunday School teachers don’t just teach Bible stories, they show a child how to utilize the concordance and give a basic understanding of the Bible’s books and overall format.

Sunday School gives kids a chance to ask questions.

Kids’ church isn’t designed for a detailed Q & A session but Sunday classes can. Sunday School is the perfect format for in-depth discussion, even debate. This format allows teachers to give kids more good food for thought.

Sunday School develops a community of believers.

Why do you think schools use the classroom method? Not just to reach more children, faster. Originally, it was because in a classroom setting, kids were more likely to help one another and push each other along in their growth. A community of children, worshiping, learning the Bible and discovering God together creates a bond that single study can’t accomplish. Sunday Schools are the Petri dishes for the future church.

Sunday School plants spiritual seeds. Some of my greatest revelations concerning God’s love and plan for me I received quietly in Sunday School. I’ll never be able to thank the small Baptist church ministry that picked me up on the bus and carried me to Sunday School every week. Even when we moved away from that loving community of believers, I never forgot the songs, the lessons and the love. Sunday Schools are like plant nurseries, they may look unimpressive at first, but under the soil, miracles are happening.

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